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The name's Yvonne, how do you do? Just a 20-something trying to get through life. Started with the intent of artistic endeavors but got sidetracked with reblogs. Lover of creative things, equality, Doctor Who and A:TLA. She'd love to hear from you!

lonesome prayer on Flickr.My favorite shot from today.

lonesome prayer on Flickr.

My favorite shot from today.


For anyone who believes, I have a prayer request. For anyone who doesn’t, good vibes and hopeful thoughts are appreciated.

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Hey! This is an update on this prayer request. After the surgery and a couple of days of recovery, he woke up and recognized everyone around him. He’s recovering really fast and has been transferred to an outpatient hospital. This is huge, because even the doctors say that after going through everything he did, he should be majorly brain-damaged or dead. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

So, I was praying about life and randomness, and I just concluded my prayer with “God, You’re awesome. Thanks for being hardcore and amazing. Amen.”

It was only after I thought it that I did a double-take.

For anyone who believes, I have a prayer request. For anyone who doesn’t, good vibes and hopeful thoughts are appreciated.

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Praying for those in Boston today. For those in Iraq where 20 bombs were set off today. Praying for the 29 that were killed in Somalia because of a bomb set off yesterday. Praying for the thousands of innocent victims of U.S. drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia. Praying for everyone. Praying for this whole world. Because every life matters and because they are all equally important.

tw: suicide


I’m not generally a religious person, but please pray (or the relevant equivilant) for my older brother Josh. His mom committed suicide today and he’s understandably taking it hard.

On it.

random thought


Today I went 10 hours without eating or drinking. I am the kind of person that, when she is doing something, doesn’t want to be interrupted until it is done or has a significant addition. Not even for food.

So I went for the time without food and water, and as I picked up my phone to go to my Bible app, I read a chapter or two and got distracted. And I started to think, why is it so easy to go 10 hours without food or water, and yet I can barely fathom legit hardcore fasting and praying?

Probably because it’s hard to do things for God, especially when you know you should.

I had a teacher at Andrews for Personal Spirituality and Faith and he told us of a time when he tried to fast and pray for his congregation as well as blessing over his leadership over the church, and he would fall asleep on top of his Bible. He never understood why, because he made sure he was fully rested and didn’t even feel tired when he started. But, he said he knew that Satan will do anything (even the seemingly medial and random) to keep us from getting closer to God. So he kept trying, and called on God for help, and he lasted longer and longer. And the church he was leading was blessed as well. So, the same thing may happen to us, but God will give us the ability to focus so we can learn more about Him.

That was my random thought. I’m gonna return to my Bible now.

I wrote this over a year ago… still relevant…


livingproverbsfour asked: Recently my best friend broke up with her boyfriend of one and a half years. She still loved him but she heard God saying ‘no’ and she wisely listened. But this guy is insistent that God has told him they would be married. He won’t accept the break up. He keeps texting her and calls her ‘my love’, etc, despite her telling him to stop. He’s even stalked her to where she was hanging out to try and talk with her, insisting he’s not disrespecting her, he just ‘wants to be sweet and not miss a day’. What can she say to make him understand that he needs to back off and realize that they are no longer together? She’s struggling with still wanting the friendship but she’s seeing now how unhealthy the relationship was. What to do? 

Read, just, oh my word this was so worth it.


Major ginormous prayer request

Hi y’all. This prayer request isn’t for me, but I am actually asking on behalf of someone.

This afternoon, not long ago actually, my boyfriend, Howie, called me. (For those of you who didn’t know… surprise? Message me for details, but I won’t get into it now.) He came to visit me yesterday and arrived back home last night. Today he found out that is youngest brother, Josh, was taken to the doctor’s yesterday. They discovered a cyst in his spine, at the base of his tailbone. It’s been giving him a lot of agony, and apparently it is so bad that they are rushing him into surgery tomorrow without putting him under. It’s a shock to everyone, and Josh hates the thought of surgery, but it must be done. He’s 18, he just graduated from high school, and he’s a gymnast. Howie asked me to pray for him and to tell anyone else I can. Please, if you believe in prayer, please pray for him and spread the word. Thank you.


If you could all keep me in your prayers, I’d greatly appreciate it. Since Wednesday, I’ve had difficultly breathing and have been cooped up in my room. The doctor is supposed to call me back with the results of my blood work, but so far there’s been no word. So if it’s not too much trouble, can you remember to lift up a small prayer for me?

Hey, this person (who is also a really good friend to me) could really use your prayers. Please do pray for her. Thanks

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