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The name's Yvonne, how do you do? Just a 20-something trying to get through life. Started with the intent of artistic endeavors but got sidetracked with reblogs. Lover of creative things, equality, Doctor Who and A:TLA. She'd love to hear from you!

First #selfie in the new apartment! #happySabbath #andnowthesettingofmywebshow

First #selfie in the new apartment! #happySabbath #andnowthesettingofmywebshow

I’m alive! An update and a plea for info

I’ve been working for the past 2 weeks and I’m sorry that I haven’t been on but work takes most of my time and then the commute takes some more and I find myself without much energy to use the little I have left. But I’m alive!

Here’s my plea: somehow I’ve managed to binge listen through all of Janelle Monae’s work and I am obsessed (SHE’S A FREAKING GENIUS), especially with the Cindi Mayweather saga. To be brief, I need to consume everything to do with Cindi Mayweather now.If anyone has anything, send it over. Also, is there a fandom? Because I will dive in head first if there is. Thaaaaanks.

So, saying it on here so it’s officially official

I got a job (in my field after a year of searching)! And it’s out of state and I start monday so I am running all over the place trying to get stuff done. So I will probably not be on this weekend (except for my queued stuff) and won’t be on as much as before. Sorry, y’all. But YAY I’M NOT JOBLESS ANYMORE!


*goes anywhere*

*scans for people of color*


me: *arrives at party*

me: so who wants to talk about institutionalized racism

True life


i need a space to sing with all my emotions and not be bothered or know that people are listening to me.



Things that need to be more affordable:

-plane tickets

-whole, natural foods


-workout clothing

-phone bills

-University (education) tuition

Things that need to be more expensive:

-processed foods that are causing the obesity rate to skyrocket



more things that need to be more affordable:



-medical treatment

-life, in general

-concert tickets

more things that need to be more expensive:

-fines on DUIs



the thing about having caribbean or african family is if you ain’t grow up “back home” you lowkey get treated like “one of them ones”

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