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For the people who dunno what’s going on with Missing E

Because I keep surfing the missing e tag and keep seeing these ??? posts.

What is Missing E:

According to the blog, “Missing e is a set of tools,features and interface changesfor Tumblr." According to the users, Missing E is pretty much the best thing to happen to the Tumblr design. It’s a browser extension for Tumblr that adds a whole bunch of stuff that makes it easier to use. For instance, a modified sidebar:

Easier reading of reblogged posts:

Adding bookmarks to certain posts on your dash you want to go back to:

And so much other stuff that I am too lazy to comment on right now. And all you had to do was download it as an extension and you could adjust stuff to your liking and it really made Tumblr easier to manage.

What is with the recent freakout?:

Missing E and Tumblr have been clashing as of late. Downloads of the extension had to stop and there were no more updates and fixes put out. I think that some people with Firefox lost it completely. Anyway, it got to the point of Tumblr calling the creator of Missing E, J. Cutler, to NYC (from Canada) for a meeting, and he let us know through the Missing E tumblr account that Tumblr wants to shut down Missing E because they don’t want other people modifying what they’ve already set in stone. Aka, though the people that have Missing E still have it, it will probably go bye-bye very soon by order of the Tumblr Staff. As you can probably tell, a lot of people are pissed.

Then what is this deal about people getting their accounts suspended?:

It’s been rumored that if you still have Missing E and don’t uninstall it, your account will be suspended. This was probably triggered by the last couple of paragraphs that Cutler said in his informative post, and people completely misconstrued it. As far as I know, this is false. Unfortunately, spammers and hackers saw this as a great day to play a trick. People have masqueraded as Staff and left messages in people’s ask boxes as well as posting fake blog entries, telling them to uninstall Missing E. And hackers have been breaking into people’s Tumblr accounts and completely screwing with them. Don’t ask me details on this one, because I am not completely sure (because thank God it hasn’t happened to me). All in all, don’t uninstall in fear. Those people are lying. Ok? Ok.

So… Missing E is going away for good? What the hell?!?:

Yeah, I know. :/ But there is already a petition going around to save it. Not sure how effective it will be, but there’s no harm in trying to save it. And if it goes away, I am pretty sure it will just go away and we won’t have to uninstall ourselves. If so, shoot, I’ll just leave it. #kanyeshrug.

All in all, Missing E was awesome, it’s been discontinued by Tumblr, there’s a scare going around about it that you shouldn’t listen to, and there’s a fight to get it back.

Ok? Ok.


J. Cutler has put out his word on the suspensions and uninstallatings of Missing E. What more, the Tumblr staff have been answering emails from concerned users and also confirm they have not been suspending accounts. It’s all a hoax. So don’t follow the hype.

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