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The name's Yvonne, how do you do? Just a 20-something trying to get through life. Started with the intent of artistic endeavors but got sidetracked with reblogs. Lover of creative things, equality, Doctor Who and A:TLA. She'd love to hear from you!

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best. flashmob. ever.

I am legit in tears.

oh wow




Goosebumps all over

Wow why am I crying this was amazing. Started welling up when the horns came out holy shit can’t even fucking deal right now.

I am legit a sobbing mess

I love this.

The way people pause..and then stop..and then completely leave what they’re doing and venture out to see where the music is coming from. The complete joy on peoples faces as more people come in, when the vocals start, when the tempo soars.

It’s wonderful.

Not quite the type of flash mob I was expecting… but genius.  Pure genius.  I love this so much, especially since my heart lies with the string family of instruments, and they are featured prominently in this video. <3 Legit, got goosebumps and almost teared up.  If you have a few minutes, please watch.

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