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The name's Yvonne, how do you do? Just a 20-something trying to get through life. Started with the intent of artistic endeavors but got sidetracked with reblogs. Lover of creative things, equality, Doctor Who and A:TLA. She'd love to hear from you!

Story of the Day

So, I have a big laugh. Not necessarily booming or loud (though it very well might be), but when I laugh, I laugh big. It’s one of those over-reaction, hand-clapping, body-rocking, out of breath kinda laughs. The kind that warrant the person who made the joke to say “I didn’t think it was that funny.” I am that person. And sometimes people don’t believe me when I laugh like that and they think I’m faking. But if you get to see me laugh a lot, though it may morph once in a while, my laugh is generally the same: very boisterous.

Andrews University has a chapel service every Thursday at Pioneer Memorial Church. Since everything AU is kind of a big deal, this chapel service gets recorded by their own professional camera and sound crew, not only to be shown live on some television channels, they also have it streamed live through their website and downloadable afterwards from the same website for years to come. Some of my friends and I always sit around the same place every week: on the far right side, about 3 or 4 rows from the front. Though there is a floor level cam in front of us and a tall overlooking cam behind us, usually they do not film us because our section is not especially good for filming due to people blockage and such. So we usually don’t think about it.

Today was a good message from Pastor Karl Haffner, the senior pastor of Kettering SDA. And, in typical style of Pastor Haffner, there were some funny stories. So we listened, we laughed, we took notes, and we went back to the dorm when it was over. But as I walked with my friend Patience into her room, her very bubbly roommate (and also our friend) Stephanie, who also works on the camera crew for PMC, greeted us. But it wasn’t with a “hi” or “what’s up”. Rather, the first words out of her mouth were, “Yvonne! I want to pay you for your reactions! They were perfect!” I looked at her with a confused expression, but I didn’t have to stay confused for long. “When they had the camera on you when Karl Haffner was talking and you were laughing and clapping… your laughing was perfect! It was the best reaction we’ve ever had!”

I instantly grew mortified. “I was on camera?”

"Yep! And it was hilarious!"

"Of course!" Patience decided to add. "Everyone knows that when Yvonne laughs, she convulses!" She flinched as I gave her a death glare.

"It shows on TV, doesn’t it?" I asked Stephanie.


The feeling of mortification grew, but I eventually just sighed and accepted the fact that people watching the broadcast had seen me do my seizure-laugh on camera. And hey, by next week when they put up the recording of the chapel from today on the website, you’ll be able to watch for yourself and see that black girl in the grey sweater with the boisterous laugh.

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